Angie's List

Overall Rating: A

Super Service Awards: 4

BBB Pikes Peak Region

A+ Accredited Business


"Right before that they remodeled our master bath and a few years before that a complete basement finish. You can tell by us having so much work done by them how much we liked them. Ronnie was awesome to work with and we got quality work on every project done. He also I think it was 2 years ago came to my rescue on a Saturday morning when my husband was out of town and I discovered a broken pipe that was dripping in the basement bedroom. He came right out, found the leak, was able to stop that and then cut out the affected dry wall to be able to dry out until he was able to get a team in to do the repairs. I would highly recommend Ronnie!" -M. Richards

"It was a real pleasure to meet this businessman.  He provided the requested drawings for a bathroom remodel, his estimate of the actual project was quite comprehensive and easy to understand.  Definitely high on the list of my favorites."  - M. Schwartz

"Ronnie was WONDERFUL from day 1, he spent a lot of time with us on the front end.  The decision making process can be overwhelming, but Ronnie did a great job of being creative and helping us decide the best possible location for an office. He also works to find creative ways to keep the cost down.  He aims to please.  He is very customer service oriented and makes sure you are happy and satisfied.  The project went well other than once inside the closet wall, we found plumbing that was not expected.  It did add to the cost of the project, as it was unexpected.  But Ronnie, having the good relationships he has, had a plumber over right away to move the plumbing to another wall, so the project could continue.  Even with that major glitch, Powerhouse still completed the project on time. When the ceiling paint didn't turn out right, they even re-painted it again without being asked. We really liked the plumber, electrician, drywall and carpet people he works with as well. AND he also does a great job of hiring the people who work for him and were here day to day.  Jeff and Ben were just WONDERFUL, professional guys who we loved having around and in our home.  We hated to see them go when the project was completed. We were very happy with the overall project, and would definitely recommend Powerhouse Construction." -J.Tindal

"We love PowerHouses service. They did the work in a timely manner and they did the basement exactly as we wanted. Jeff the contractor came recently to assist with a repair that is needed. Ronnie the owner has been great to work with and has given great recommendations. All of the workers were very nice and they answered our questions and they offered suggestions when needed. They gave us the best estimate initially besides one service provider but we liked his product a lot better. It only took them five weeks to do the remodel when they thought it would take six." -M. O'Neal

"Since day one Ronnie gave us an air of confidence we went on a trip and everything was done right and how we wanted it. integrity honesty and value describes this company, excellent employees definitively he gave us 110 percent not to get our business but really to help us" - J. Diaz