Q. Do I need an appointment?

Our office/selection center is not a retail location; therefore, manning is not full time.  Our best service opportunity is meeting in your home to preview the area that you are looking to renovate. We traditionally offer an early evening slot by appointment. 

Q. Can I get a square foot price?

Each job that we do is customized to the space and the customer's vision.  Our estimates are based on the specifics of your request; therefore a square foot price will never be our pricing mechanism. 

If you really want an idea of your anticipated costs, our estimates include your projected costs for design, material, installation labor, shipping & handling, permits & fees, and project management. If you have a budget, let us know. We can make suggestions to help you stay on budget.

Q. Can you give me an estimate if I e-mail or fax a sketch?

We can develop an initial price range based on a multitude of assumptions pending our actual site visit and clarification of your material selections. We need to obtain exact measurements in feet and inches. 

Q. How do we hire PowerHouse?

After we provide you an estimate, you'd review our agreement, submit your retainer, then select your material.  We require a minimum 5% retainer to move beyond your estimate and start formal planning.  The retainer allows us to program a start date, and to get the ball rolling by scheduling team members, and ordering material for delivery.  Demolition only begins when material is on schedule for delivery. 

Q. Do you accept credit cards and what is your payment policy?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express; however, our estimates are provided assuming payment will be made via check or money order. After the retainer, subsequent payments are due based on our on-site progress with the final balance due upon installation completion.

Q. What is your warranty?

PowerHouse offers a two year warranty on our craftsmanship, details are included in your written agreement.