As the cornerstone, the centerpoint of family operations, the kitchen requires a unique focus when planning a renovation. The kitchen is historically the most expensive remodel in the home improvement market and requires intentional planning to minimize a total life disruption.  While PowerHouse does not provide appliances, we can handle every other piece of this complex puzzle to deliver the results that you deserve.

PowerHouse has the recipe to facilitate your one stop shop experience.  By combining professional services; design and construction management, the process of remodeling is delivered in a cost-effective seamless manner from one accountable source.  A PowerHouse kitchen starts with the end in mind to highlight our many advantages over the traditional architect/multiple bid process.  

Our clients have one contract for both design and construction, rather than the traditional method of separate contracts with an architect, engineer, general contractor, interior designer, etc.  Our Coordinators are involved early on in the process and will measure your project space, provide valuable insight on design, consolidate the relevant team members, deliver the estimate, and facilitate your material selections. Most beneficial to the client is the single point of contact and responsibility. By streamlining the design and the build, many disputes, finger pointing and delays can be eliminated.  Your PowerHouse team will facilitate your kitchen remodel from concept to completion resolving any issues or conflicts, and addressing any permit requirements that might pop up along the way.